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The Zine Core Radio Show Needs YOU!

Hi Zine Makers & Lovers,

As you may have seen from my posts yesterday I started a ZINE RADIO SHOW! I am super, super excited about this and I hope you will take the time to listen to the first episode when you have a chance. I also hope that you will be inspired & wanna be on future shows! I am looking for:

1). Zine Writers, Distro Owners, Zine Reviewers, Event Planners, Event Reviewers... Basically.....>Anyone Who Loves Zines> and wants to be on the show! You can email me and let me know if you have a new issues/project you wanna promote, if there is an issue in the community both online and offline that you wanna talk about...If you have a compzine coming out and wanna do a quick call for submissions. I am open to you calling in about anything zine related.......

2). If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of being on the show but would still want your zine reviewed I would love for you to mail me a copy and I will talk about it on the air! I plan to do zine reviews anyway so sending in zines is encouraged! also, if you have something you want me to announce id be happy to (as long as its not like homophobic/racist/sexist/hateful in that sorta way...
So, yeah lemme know and I will talk about yr zine content, my thoughts, and how people can get a hold of your projects... i also think it would be great if other people who read a certain zine call in and talk about it as well.... we can discuss the zines we love, that inspire us, that make us question certain things...anything! i encourage live readings, your mp3s of readings, do you write zines but also make music and wanna share a track?

3). I would love to hear from you all about zine radio subject matter you'd like to hear about/call in and talk about....zine ethics... zines making tips....i'd love to have distro owners call in and talk about the ins & outs of running the distro...what they look for in submissions...anything and everything you might wanna discuss that is about the zine community or your zines/projects!

4). I'd also love to hear from zine libraries! call in and talk about your library! Or what is happening with zines in your town..... Did you go to a zine event? how was it? call in and let's talk about it!
did you do a reading and have a recording? lets play it !

This could be a really cool way for us to communicate about our zines!
I know this entry is a bit all over the place but I am just brainstorming....trying to get the zine juices flowing! =)

If you would like to send your zine in for review and/or don't wanna be on the show please get it touch and I will give you the mailing address: ZINECORERADIO@GMAIL.COM

The first episode of the show is 60minutes and can be heard here:

I also am putting together a Myspace page:

And this is the LJ obviously so please add! I will always post the most recent episodes & updates about the radio show....!


I am not sure if the show will be at the same time every week because that means it won't be as inclusive since people have such different schedules. So I will be schedule WEEKLY shows around those zinesters who wanna call in and talk! As I said, the show will always be at least ONCE a week. Depending on interest each week the length of the show may change. It might be 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the week.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully listening to the first episode! I had a SERIOUSLY awsome time putting it together. I can't wait to do the next one! and I already have some exciting guests planned!

updates soon!

be in touch!

x-posted (sorry for the annoyance if you have this on yr page like 80 times! i won't do this forever, i promise...i just wanna get the word out).

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